TC Elite Shio

In light of our beloved Coach Shio’s recent passing, our TC Elite staff have come to the decision to create our “TC Elite Shio” teams starting this season.  We will continue Coach Shio’s memory and love for volleyball by adding a unique option to our travel team schedule for our Shio Teams.  Instead of playing the same schedule as the Elite, Regional, and National Teams TC Elite Shio will play their own 3 tournament schedule.

TC Elite teams are for players who are competitive enough to play travel tournaments but did not make the tryout for the TC Elite National or Regional team, TC Elite or did, and chose to play for the Shio team because of scheduling conflicts with their other school activities, etc. The set up for these will be exactly the same as what we have done in the past with all travel teams. They will compete in 3 tournaments, plus a scrimmage tournament. Practice begins the 1st week of December. The cost for the Shio team is $750


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