Tsvetelina Bozhanova – Coach

Tsvetlina Bozhanova hails from Razlog, Bulgaria where she served a major role as Captian of her club team, Pirin Razlog. After graduating from high school, she begun her college carrer at Seminole State College in Oklahoma on a full-ride volleyball scholarship, ending up at Wiley College in Marshall, Texas. At Wiley, she won the Champion of Character in 2017. She played 3 years for the Wildcats and in her Senior year, won the Red River Athletic Conference Chapionship. Bozhanova was selected to the Second Team All-Conference for two seasons, and was named to the 2018 All-Tournament team.

Tsvetelina is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Computer Science at Louisiana University at Shreveport. She says ” I love kids and want to give back all that I have learned to be successful on and off the court. I started to play volleyball in the 3rd grade and volleyball has been my life since then. I love this game and there is nothing that can replace that thrill. Volleyball taught me how to be competitive, passionate, motivated, how to manage time, how to be independent, how to uplift, and how to help people. Thanks to volleyball, I am here in the USA pursuing my dreams and future goals. I cannot imagine what my life would be without volleyball.”

Emily Arledge – Coach

Emily is a 3rd grade teacher at Sun City Elementary in Bossier City. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Northwestern State University. She is also a certified personal trainer. She is an alumni of Guyer High School in Denton, Texas where she played varsity volleyball all four years. She also played club volleyball for four years in Dallas. This will be Emily’s second year coaching with TC Elite. Emily loves working with young athletes and is so excited to be back in a gym coaching a sport that she is passionate about.

Trystam Carr – Coach

Trystam grew up playing volleyball in Charlottesville, Virginia. She played for Charlottesville Area Volleyball Club and lettered for four years at Monticello High School. Won the Unsung Hero Award Sophomore year of high school and earned second team All-District Senior year. She went on to play at University of Rochester (one season) and then Carroll University (three seasons). She has coached at her former middle school for one season, after she took a break from coaching for a few years. In her junior year of college she coach 14U club team. When she’s not coaching Trystam has officiated for both club and high school level in New York and here in Louisiana. This is her first year to coach in Louisiana and and her first year for TC Elite.

Trystam says she is excited to continue to spend time around the sport that she love’s and to help it to continue to grow.

Shio Bolkeim-Coach

Coach Shio was loved by all and will be dearly missed. His impact at TC Elite volleyball will never be forgotten.

Shio is a small business owner with a passion for volleyball. With over 10 years of coaching experience, his goal has been spreading his passion for volleyball.
Shio started off coaching Freshman Girls at a high school in Tempe, AZ. While in the army as a Chemical Specialist, Shio gained more experience by becoming the head coach for University or Mary-Hardin Baylor Men’s Club volleyball team. While stationed in Korea, he was picked up by the 8th Army’s volleyball team, who challenged teams throughout Korea. He ended his career in Fort Hood where he played volleyball recreationally and also lead his Unit to a Base Championship!
Today, Shio continues to spread volleyball knowledge and hopes that Shreveport/Bossier will one day gain the passion for volleyball as much as he has.

Meeting the Greats.

Coach Carter Blog 1

With the incredible event coming to Shreveport-Bossier in August, I
felt like now is the time to start using the blog section of our
website to document this amazing experience that TC Elite and local
volleyball organizations get to be a part of.

May 3, 2019

I was honored to be one of the crew of the initial visit to SBC on
4/25/19 of members of the National Team and Olympic staff: Danielle
Scott-Arruda, Foluke Akinradewo, and Karch Kiraly.

If you have ever played on a team that I coached, you will know how I
feel about Karch Kiraly.  If you haven’t…. he is THE idol of the game
of volleyball.  He has played in 3 Olympics and is the only American
volleyball player to have won an Olympic Gold Medal in both indoor and
outdoor volleyball.  He has coached Olympic teams in both Men’s and
Women’s volleyball and won more medals with both teams.  There is no
one on this planet better at this game than Karch Kiraly (in my
opinion).  He is the Michael Jordan of volleyball, the best there has
ever been.  I share his quotes, videos, pictures of him in action, and
his articles with my players every season.  If any of my players don’t
know who he is – they will know by the conclusion of our season!  He
was so humble and kind, and most impressively puts his players first
in all things. He sat with his legs scrunched every time we were in
the SUV so that Foluke was comfortable behind him. Something which she
says he does every time they travel together with the USA National
team. He made sure Danielle and Foluke were front and center for every
event of the day, and quietly let them chat and share together
throughout the day.

Danielle Scott is the only American volleyball player to ever have
competed in 5 Olympics!  And she is from Louisiana, so she is very
special to us!  She has a huge heart, and is one of the best
motivators I’ve seen.  She has been through a lot in her life and has
continued to have a positive outlook on life, using her experiences as
inspiration for her motivational speeches.  Her personality is
magnetic and she is so much fun to be around and listen to.

Foluke Akinradewo had just finished her season in Japan a week before
she came to Shreveport and she is sweet, polite, and humble even
though she was still very jet-lagged from her travels!  If she’s able
to be on the 2020 Olympic team, that will be her 3rd Olympics!
The only two things we require of our players at TC Elite is that they
work hard and are good teammates.  The bond between teammates is
indescribable.  The entire day was special and unbelievable for me,
but probably the most enjoyable part was witnessing two of the world’s
best volleyball players in Foluke and Danielle “being teammates”
together all day.  They had not seen each other since 2013 and were
able to catch-up as if they didn’t miss a beat!Teammates are so
special.  They are like family.  We get instant family members once we
are put on a team together, and Foluke and Danielle proved that theory
is true even at the highest level of sports.  Foluke was recently
married so she was showing Danielle pictures of her wedding, her
wedding dress process, and talking about how it all turned out.
Danielle had her 9 year old daughter with her who Foluke had last seen
when she was two years old when Danielle brought her to the Olympics
with the team!  It was heartwarming to see them catch up and share the
events of their lives with eachother. The respect and love that comes
with being a teammate is comparable only to family. They chatted
together the entire day, catching up, sharing memories, and bonding.
They respect each other, they love each other, and they are proud of
each other’s accomplishments with volleyball and in life.  I felt that
way about my teammates throughout my career and I hope that our TC
Elite players feel that with their teammates as well.

The end of the day featured a press conference and a “Meet and Greet”
with Danielle, Foluke and Karch.  Our TC Elite family took up half of
the audience!  We got to chat with them and get their autographs and
pictures.  It was so rewarding to see our players – both new and ‘old’
– get to meet these three living legends of volleyball!  Our TC
players made me so proud by asking questions, being in the moment, and
cherishing the experience.  They truly took advantage of the moment
and will remember the experience for the rest of their lives.  I can
only imagine having that opportunity during my club volleyball days!

I hope the SBC community will realize how huge the Olympic Qualifier
event on August 2-4 is and get out and watch our USA National
Volleyball Team compete at the highest level!