Developmental Team

This team is set up for players to improve their skills in order to eventually make a travel team, players who just have a very busy schedule and can only practice twice a week without travel play, and players who just want to keep active with developing and practicing their volleyball skills any way they can. The cost to play on a TC Developmental team is $300.

The Developmental team will practice twice a week and participate in one tournament. There is a possibility for a second tournament to be added later in the season.

Practices will be held twice a week: One with with the Development Team members only, the other practice is with a TC travel team of your age group. If we have several players in one age group, their second practice will be with their Developmental team’s team’s specific age group.


Need to become a member of USA Volleyball follow this link!


Development Team

Development Team for TC Elite volleyball 2019-2020.





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