Developmental Team

Sign ups are now closed all teams have been filled.


The purpose of the development team is for players to obtain the same training as our TC ELITE Travel Club Teams.  This training focuses on the development of the basic skills of volleyball: passing, serving, setting, hitting, and blocking.  There will also be specific practices dedicated to rotations and defensive positioning, such as “base” and serve receive, among other skills the TC ELITE Coaching Staff deems necessary for practices.
The Development Team will practice twice per week during a 3-month season.  There will be one Travel Club-Style tournament date near the end of the season, with the possibility of additional tournament(s) during the season, if they arise.  Additional tournaments are NOT guaranteed.
Depending on the size and positional needs for the practices of the TC ELITE Travel Club Teams, a specific number of development team participants may be invited to practice with the Travel Team of their age group for one of the two practices per week.  This offer, if available, will be made when a month of training has been completed with the Development Team.
Development Team members will receive one t-shirt and one game jersey.

Developmental Team: $300


Practice starts first week of January ends last week of March

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