Developmental Team

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The Developmental team is for players to improve their skills in order to eventually make a travel team while keeping their skills sharp and developing their game to stay ready for their school teams.  Development Teams will be trained the same way that our travel teams are trained and players are expected to attend all practices.  It is possible that a development player could be asked to practice and maybe even compete in travel tournaments should the situation arise where an extra player is needed on the travel team(s).


Cost Includes 

Practice 2 times per week

Inter Squad Scrimmages VS TC Travel Teams and/or other Development teams

a practice shirt


Please note:

We do NOT have practice times and locations nailed down just yet! We must wait for BPCC to confirm available gym space in order to place our travel teams for their practices through April.  Once those have been confirmed, we can set the development team practice schedule.

MOST LIKELY, practices will start at the end of January 2023, and will probably be on Mondays and Tuesdays, 90 minute sessions somewhere in the timeframe of 5-9pm. This is NOT official, just an estimated guess.


We will post all updated information via social media, our website, and email those of you who signup once all information has been confirmed!

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